Cell Phone Provider Plans

The following is an example of cell plans that work with Telsair service. The cell phone providers change their plans all the time and can vary for different provinces, so make sure your cell plan includes either all day free Unlimited Incoming or MY5/Favorite5.

Local Unlimited Incoming plans can be used for any Canadian city with Telsair service. Local MY5/Favorite5 plans can be used if you are in Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto/GTA, or Vancouver because dialthrough access numbers are currently available for these cities. If you are in an area outside these cities, you need to use a National Canada-wide MY5/Favorite5 plan to be able to add one of these cities' dialthrough access number as long-distance to your favorite 5 list.

Cell phone providers generally allow you to change cell plans, even if you have an existing contract, as long as you stay with them. If you have an old cell plan that you liked and is no longer advertised, the cell phone providers will often let you keep it to retain you as a customer, call customer service.

  Bell:   bell.ca

  1. Voice Plan with Unlimited Local talk with 5 numbers: $27, or Unlimited Nationwide talk with 10 numbers: $37.
  2. Prepaid with Unlimited Local Incoming calls: $30.75.

  Rogers:   rogers.com

  1. Local MY5 $32 or MY10 Canada-Wide $37.
  2. Old Rogers plans had the all day Unlimited Incoming option, you can ask if they still have it available.
  3. Prepaid Pay As You Go Local MY5 $30.

 Fido:   fido.ca  

  1. Unlimited Incoming: $30.  
  2. Prepaid By the Day, Unlimited Incoming $1 per day: $30 (must have at least $1 left in Fido account).

 Telus Mobility:   telusmobility.com  

  1. Clear Choice with Unlimited talk with your 5 Favourite numbers option: Voice 35 Local $35, or Voice 45 Canada Nationwide $45.
  2. Old Telus plans had the all day Unlimited Incoming option, you can ask if they still have it available.
  3. Prepaid Talk + Messaging 40 unlimited local incoming calls: $40.
  4. Telus used to have Local One Number unlimited for $7 (Same as Favorite5 but with only 1 Favorite). If you had this option, you can ask customer service to keep it.

* This list was last updated Sept. 4, 2012. Names of companies and plans are trademarks of their respective owners.

  Switching Cell Phone Providers

A cell phone usually can't be used with another cell phone provider. If you have a GSM cell phone (used by Rogers and Fido), then you can unlock it at some cell phone stores so that the phone can be used by more than one provider. With an unlocked phone, you can just change the SIM card to change to the new provider. In the past, the other cell phone companies didn't use SIM cards, but some of them have started using SIM cards on their new cell phones. Check with the cell phone unlocker for which companies can be used.

Flat Rate Unlimited Calling

  • Worry-free calling without being charged by the minute.

High Voice Quality

  • Sound quality as good as your phone.


  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Equipment has battery and electric generator backup in high-security building.

Only Requires

  • Unlimited incoming cell phone plan, available from many cell phone providers for as low as $25.
  • Favorite 5 and MY5 plans can be used for unlimited outgoing calls.


  • Guaranteed to work or your money back. 2-day Free trial available. Details