Dialing Phone Numbers by Sending Tones

Many cell phones can send only DTMF tones from their phonebook (without pressing the Send button or automatically activating the "Send"). Sending only DTMF tones is different from normal dialing with your phone book because the "Send" must not be activated. For phones that have this feature, to send DTMF tones during a call, go to the menu and highlight the number in the phonebook or recent calls list, go to the menu, then select "Send Tones" option.

For example, when connected to Telsair, on a low-end Motorola phone, the sequence is:

, Phonebook, Select, Scroll to person in Phonebook, , Scroll to "Send Tones", Select.

 (Where is the open menu button.)

The "Send Tones" option only appears when the phone is connected to someone during a call. You might need to scroll to that menu option if the screen doesn't fit all the menu items. Telsair automatically hangs up after 30 seconds if no number is entered, so it might take some practice to send the phone number this way.

Check your phone's manual to see if it can send DTMF tones.

The Blackberry and iPhone do not currently have the "Send Tones" feature so the phone number would need to be entered by hand, but if enough people ask the manufacturer for that feature (hint), then they might add it. Telsair's programmable 2-key speed dial will still work using these phones.

An inexpensive Blackberry software works for sending DTMF tones. Phone numbers from the address book can be copied and pasted to send the tones: Software Page
Instructions on how to use it is here: http://telsair.com/blackberry.htm

Let us know if you find software for other phones that work for sending DTMF tones without activating the "Send". We'll add it here for others to use.

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