How does unlimited cell phone calling work?

  • You keep your current cell phone and wireless provider, and use their Unlimited Incoming cell phone plan.
  • Telsair provides an add-on service that converts all your outgoing calls into incoming so that when your cell uses an Unlimited Incoming cell plan, you are not charged. You will then have both unlimited outgoing and incoming calls.

  Dialing Procedure for Unlimited Incoming Cell Plans:

  1. Call Telsair's access number to get a busy signal and hangup.
  2. Telsair detects your caller ID and calls you back in a few seconds to give you a dial tone.
  3. Enter the phone number you want to call (Do not press Send).
  • When you call Telsair's access number, the busy signal is not charged a single minute of air time because it is not a completed call.
  • By not pressing Send, your call remains an incoming call from Telsair. Telsair automatically connects you with your called party. Since the call remains incoming and all calls to your Unlimited Incoming plan are free, you will not be charged.
  • Your phone number will be displayed to the receiver of the call if they have caller ID display.
  • You can continue using your cell's phonebook to dial phone numbers if your phone can send DTMF tones without activating the "Send" (many phones can send tones).
  • Telsair's programmable 2-key speed dial is also available.

  Dialing Procedure for MY5/Favorite5 Cell Plans:

  1. Call Telsair's dialthrough access number and immediately get a dial tone.
  2. Enter the phone number you want to call (Do not press Send).
  • The dialing procedure for MY5/Favorite5 plans is simpler because it does not require a return incoming call. A different dailthrough/callthrough access number is provided which immediately gives a dial tone.
  • MY5/Favorite5 plans when used with Telsair service gives you free *outgoing* calls to any phone number, but does not have free unlimited incoming except for your 5 favorite numbers. But you can use Telsair service to call them back if you get an incoming call.

Cell phone providers like Bell, Fido, Rogers, and Telus have cell plans that work with Telsair. Telsair long-distance can be used with any Canadian phone company. For an example list of plans that work with Telsair, Click Here. It's easy to change your plan with your cell phone provider, even if you have an existing contract. Just call them up.

This service should only be used when your cell phone is in your Local Area because all cell phone providers have a long-distance charge if you travel outside your local area, for all free Unlimited Incoming plans and Local MY5/Favorite5 plans. (There may be some national Canada-wide MY5/Favorite5 plans that don't charge long-distance when traveling within Canada; it is subject to change so you would need to check with your cell phone provider about roaming charges when traveling.)

You can log in to your cell phone provider's website and look at your call/transaction history to check that you are not charged.

Flat Rate Unlimited Calling

  • Worry-free calling without being charged by the minute.

High Voice Quality

  • Sound quality as good as your phone.


  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Equipment has battery and electric generator backup in high-security building.

Only Requires

  • Unlimited incoming cell phone plan, available from many cell phone providers for as low as $25.
  • Favorite 5 and MY5 plans can be used for unlimited outgoing calls.


  • Guaranteed to work or your money back. 2-day Free trial available. Details